1. Just wanted everyone to know, I have made a personal tumblr called snowjadeflower, which I am logged on mostly during the day and use quite a lot. I do post bits and pieces of everything but Wuxia/my fav Ancient Chinese Series gets quite a lot of attention there, mostly of my fav series. I tend to be obsessive with a number of shows which I want to over-post but I’m uncomfortable in doing that here because I’m afraid of clogging people with too much of the “same things” and always feel the need of spreading out or posting a little bit of everything, if you know what I mean. On my other account, I do post various other interests, stories as well, but mostly centered around humour and inspiration. The posts I make there, is most likely not to be rebloggged here for reasons I said above, so feel free to check out that account if you’re interested!

    In case you’re wondering what’s the main difference between this account and the new one in terms of what I post for wuxia/ancient series, this is the account I post stuff for everyone, whereas on snowjadeflower, I post things that mean a lot to me.

  2. Amazing ancient art I found on weibo!

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  3. Made this ages ago, only remembered to share it now :D

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  4. (Source: 5sing.com)

  5. This was from ages ago!!! I think it was a ad for the new Xuan Yuan Sword game.

  6. wuxia-jianghu:



    Awhhh ! It made my day too ! :D

    OMG I was like ECSTATIC when I found this. If I was an artist, I would FILL the Seven of the Sky tag full of stuff like this!!!

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  7. Ariel Lin in Lan Ling Wang, such pretty scenery!


  8. HITA - 黄泉月

  9. FANNNNRTSSS of Qin’s Moon

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  10. WOW, this is a work of art, PLEASE teach me how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR, officially, haha!


  12. plumblossomspetals:


    Kiss the little Pig Baby
    This song makes me so very happy, there’s just something about children singing, that makes me smile.

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! This is that song!! I remember you made a video with Jing Tian and Changqing and put this song in it. You should upload that video again if you still have it. I totally love the video!! AHHHH!! 

    YEPPPP THAT’S IT!! That CQ & JT MV I found on tudou, though I have this virus so I can’t upload to youtube without the internet being banned so I am afraid of uploading anything right now, if I move, I will do massive uploading :D

    I also made a happy mv with the instrumental version :D 

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  13. HAPPY.





  14. OOO CHECK OUT this awesome new pic of Tianming, he totally got an upgrade!!! This is like SEASON 5!!! OMG! 

  15. HAPPY upcoming Chinese New Year, man i wish the 2nd pic was POSSIBLE in real life.